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Under this theory, we reach happiness by maximizing the number of copies of our genetic material. Pursuing happiness is our guidance to survive in the gene pool. Under evolution theory, those preferences are hard wired within our genes. Those whose hard wired preferences lead to gene pool survival, such as those that enjoy sex, and good food, are those that are around nowadays.

That's why males like to mate with as many females as possible. That's because males that mate with many females live more decendants and hence that's the kind of males that survive in the gene pool nowadays. That's why females prefer rich smart males. That's because females that prefer rich smart males give birth to sons that are rich and smart. Such sons will attract more females and live far more decendants.

An example of a very succesful, and hence, very happy, male is Genghish Khan. One out of 4 people in the earth share the same y mutational chromosome with the one Genghish has. That means 1 out of 4 people are decendants of Genghish Khan. Understanding Genghish Khan's nature will then be a good way to understand males' nature. Males are greedy, plucky, mean, cruel, evil, inhuman, selfish, retaliotary, militarisitic, and so on. Just like Mr. Khan.

Evolution theory explains the holes that consumerism doesn't explain. Consumerism doesn't explain that women may have different preferences than men. Evolution theory teaches that. Evolution theory goes one step further. It teaches that keys to happiness, in significant part, consist of stuffs that lead to unhappiness of others.

Think of it this way, to gain happiness, males want as many females as possible. When one male gets plenty, the others don't get any. Hence, all the other males have preferences to prevent others from being succesful as part of their strategy to survive in the gene pool.

That's why, it doesn't matter that all you do is consensual and mutually beneficial. Some people will try to stop you because they do not want you to be happy.

Your happiness correlates with your gene pool survival. Gene pool survival of those most fit to survive hurt the gene pool survival of those who are less competitive. This then correlates well with unhappiness of envy bigots.

And that's also why we have a different of opinion on what constitutes happiness. Some people will be happier if free sex is legal. Those people are those that are highly attractive. Of course, freedom means competition. Others are not competitive. So they do not want to compete, and hence they hate freedom.

And that's why many people are happier when porn, prostitution, and free sex is illegal. Those people are not happy that someone else is happy. They become happier when others are prevented from pursuing happiness. However, people needs justification to prohibit others' freedom to pursue happiness.

So what's their justification? Their justification is that such things are prohibited for the sake of the consenting parties. That's of course not true. Prohibitions are rarely made to serve the interests of the consenting parties. Prohibitions are usually there to serve the interests of disgruntled competitors and envy bigots.


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